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The Mansa-X Story

Welcome to Mansa-X Fund, where the legacy of Mansa Musa, the illustrious 9th Emperor of Mali and one of history’s wealthiest figures, inspires our foundation. Drawing upon Mansa Musa’s legendary trade achievements in salt, gold, and more, our investment strategy mirrors the diversity and success of his empire.

Mansa-X is a Multi-Asset Strategy Fund that employs a sophisticated long/short trading model tailored to maximize client returns even amidst market volatility while safeguarding their investments against downturns. The fund is a product of Standard Investment Bank, which is licensed and regulated as a money manager by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya.

Available in both KES & USD denominations, Mansa-X Fund is your gateway to resilient and prosperous investment, rooted in the rich heritage of African success and innovation.

Investor Testimonials

The returns I get from Mansa-X are a passive source of income. Whatever I earn at the end of a quarter is distributed over the next few months until the next quarter’s returns are declared.

Dr. Peris Mburu

Financial Consultant & Mansa-X Investor

Before investing in Mansa-X, I had almost given up investing in Kenya because of challenges such as poor management and poor returns. I haven’t experienced these challenges with Mansa-X.

Samuel Kimani

Businessman & Mansa-X Diaspora Investor

What’s exciting to me about the Mansa-X Fund is the breadth and depth of its portfolio. The risks are hedged quite well and this gives me confidence.


Jacqueline Karachi

Public Health Professional & Mansa-X Investor

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Mansa-X Fund Profile

Where does Mansa-X invest?

Mansa-X Fund applies genuine diversification across different assets, asset classes, sectors, and geographic locations to reduce correlation risk and boost return on investment.

Diversify your investment portfolio into the Global Markets with Mansa-X today.

Mansa-X Fund KES Year-on-Year Comparison

Mansa x Fund KES & USD have continued to outperform traditional investment options while remaining highly liquid to ensure clients can access their funds with ease.

Mansa-X Fund Performance of KES. 1Mn Investment since inception

Mansa-X Fund KES & USD have continued to outperform alternative investment options while remaining highly liquid to ensure clients can access their funds with ease.

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